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Our Process

Find Your Community & Floor Plan

We all have different needs for space and layout. Sales can help you find the perfect fit.

Contact Sales and get pricing!


Reserve Your Lot

You will sign a Lot Reservation Contract. Earnest Deposit will be due at the time of lot reservation. See sales for deposit requirements.

Personalize Your Home at our Design Studio

Now that you’ve found the layout that works, it’s time to make it yours. At our Design Studio, one of our Design Studio Specialists will go through the process with you, helping you pick out all the interior items. You may need 2-3 appointments to complete your design!

Final contract to purchase!

The hard part is done, now it's time for fun! Once the final contract is signed, your plans will be drawn by our drafting team! Drafting can take approximately 2 weeks. Customized plans may take longer.

Plan Review

Next, you will meet with your salesperson & the superintendent assigned to your neighborhood to review your blueprints.                       


After blueprints are approved, they will be sent in for permitting. This can take 3-8 weeks depending on the city you are building in.

Your permits are approved!

This is where it gets really exciting! After we receive your permits, your dig date will be set! An estimated dig date will be given to you by your salesperson. Weather could affect dig dates.

Building Schedule

Your foundation is in, so now you wait! Please reach out to your salesperson for schedule updates. Weather could affect the building schedule.

Closing Schedule

Your closing date is set once drywall is in, and cabinets are delivered. This will be approximately 45-50 days out from closing. At this time your lender will start the underwriting process, appraisal will be ordered, and interior finishes will be underway!

New Home Orientation (NHO)

(Preliminary Walkthrough)

This is where it gets really exciting! Your new home is almost ready for you. At the New Home Orientation, you will meet with the Superintendent, at the house, to learn about your new home, and see if any touchups or repairs are needed prior to your final walkthrough. This appointment will take approximately 7 days prior to closing.

Sign Off (Final Walkthrough)

The day is finally here! Your home is done & ready for you. At 10 AM, the day of closing, you will have your Sign Off with the Superintendent. This appointment is to see the finished product & review your NHO list for completeness. 


You've signed off on your home but haven't taken possession yet! You will head to closing after Sign Off to meet with your lender & escrow closer to complete the closing paperwork. Here you will receive the keys to your new home!


Your warranty begins the day you close for 1 year. Please review our warranty page at Warranty Contact | Hallmark Homes. Here you can download a PDF copy of the Warranty Book or Submit a Claim. 

We look forward to helping you build your future.

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